As NPZC does it's best to flatten the curve, please join us for virtual zazen as hosted by The Village Zendo

M-F 7:30-8:30AM

afternoons and evenings to be announced soon.

Please stay tuned to for updates and practice opportunities.

Please consider making a donation to The Village Zendo, our root temple, as they will find it difficult to continue their great work. Visit the website to donate.


Stay tuned for another virtual zazenkai. Our first attempt was March 21st in conjunction with the Oxbow Zendo. Please find the recorded talk on the dharma talk page. We hope to host another virtual day long sit soon.


NPZC is an open and affirming space, all are welcome to practice. We welcome people of different cultures, colors, abilities, ages, identifications, and beliefs who choose to join us. We appreciate and explore our differences in order to build understanding, harmony, and openness for the whole community.

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